The Color Run : I Did It, Then I Went Home

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A few months back I was flailing around on the internet when I came across The Color Run (  Upon first glance it looked interesting for the lone fact that there are colours!  PRETTY COLOURS!

The Color Run (they don’t change it to ‘Colour’ for Canada, btw) is a 5k *cough* run (not an actual race) where you jog or walk around a designated course and pass through four different colour stations, where volunteers spray you with coloured cornstarch powder.  You may ask, “but what is the point?”  And the answer is….ionno, lol.  The Color Run is a for-profit organization but they partner up with local charities and give away an undisclosed amount of money to those charities. I participated in the run in London, Ontario and they partnered up with OneRun ( and Tara Boom Houston Children’s foundation.  I had several people ask me what the point of the race is in person, so I decided to make it a little more meaningful by raising a bit for the Toronto Humane Society, which I did.  So there’s that.

The run was very well organized and there were mobs and mobs of young people raring to go at 9am.  You register and pay online ahead of time, and then a couple of days before the event we were advised that we could pick-up our race packets at some store in London, between the hours of 12-7 for two days only.  This absolutely does not work for people driving in from out of town, so many people (myself included) had to pick up their packets on the morning of.  If you got there early enough (which meant around 7:30) then it’s not an issue. The only issue I did have, which made absolutely no sense whatsoever, is as follows…

If you are unable to pick up the package yourself, you can sign a pick up waiver and have a friend pick it up for you.  After that, there’s no control in place to determine what happens to your package.  Which leads into the issue I had with the morning of.  One of the three other people I intended to attend with, injured herself and was unable to go.  She signed the waiver so another one of my friends could attend in her place.  When I went to pick-up her package on the morning of the run, I was initially told that it wasn’t possible, primarily because they don’t do registration transfers on the day-of.  Apparently you can only transfer a registration up to a week before the event.  After a brief moment ‘seriously?’ the girl in charge decided she’d do me a solid and allow me to register my replacement-friend, and she’d be able to take the place of my injured friend.

SENSE: THIS MAKES NONE. if I had just given this woman the pick-up waiver that my injured friend had signed, then I could have just walked away with the package and handed it to the replacement-friend.  Again, once you have the packages you could pass them off to a random pigeon and the pigeon could fly in your place.  So all the humming and hawing and making my friend fill-out a registration form on their iPad was just absolutely pointless and a waste of approximately 20 minutes of prime morning time, that could have been spent guzzling coffee or taking some siiiiick selfies.

That aside, the rest of the event was harmless enough, and fun.  There were professional photographers there, and a whopping 34 photos were later uploaded to Facebook (34 photos and 7500 attendees?  haha). The race packets included a t-shirt, a temporary tattoo, your number and a headband.  The headband is made for tiny heads so I wouldn’t recommend it for people like me, that suffer from perpetually gigantic heads.  It’s a burden I must bear.

I was at the front of the first wave of people released from the starting gates, and when the race started everyone was jogging…this quickly turned into alot of people walking.  We passed through four colour stations: green, orange, blue and yellow.  You get dirty enough depending how slowly you pass through the stations, and if you ask a volunteer to absolutely smother you with powder.  I tried not to breathe in as I was passing through these stations, but it’s inevitable and you get the ultimate reward of some seriously blue boogers for the next few days.

The race was definitely not 5K, someone on Facebook mentioned it registered as 3.74km on their GPS.  I would have liked them to add another colour station, and have the run be a full 5k, since that’s what’s advertised and they are taking people’s money based off these advertisements.  My favourite part of the morning was picking up extra packages of colour (including pink and purple) at the finish line, where people were just blasting eachother with colour.  This is where we got the most dirty and the most colourful, including my hair which was an odd shade of green for a couple of days after.  There were some sun-melted granola bars at the end, too.  Whoa!  They were trying to organize some giant dance party or something, but we weren’t paying attention as we were too busy shaking colour into eachother’s faces and hair.

Overall it was a decent experience, I’d probably never bother going again but it was fun enough for a random Saturday morning.  We were out of there by 10:30am and still had the rest of the day to scare people at random gas stations on the drive home.  The looks you get, especially if you change out of your “Color Run” t-shirt, are pretty priceless.

Green hair don’t care?

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