Queens of My Stone Cold Heart...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

…..that was a cool and dramatic title, right?!

I just remembered the time in third or fourth year at Ryerson when I was stapling actors’ headshots to the wall in the theatre school, and a couple of them didn’t like their photo-placements (behind the hallway door, for example) and started voicing their concerns for about 10-15 minutes straight.  As someone with a terrible temper I snapped and screamed various obscenities, then ran away crying while ripping things off the walls.

OK I didn’t really cry or swear, but the next day as I was walking up to the school’s entrance, one of the actors was sitting there on the bench and when he saw me he began singing the song “Cold As Ice” by Foreigner.  At the time I was thinking “ouch!” but now I think it’s super funny and have joked about my ice cold heart ever since then, to nobody in particular.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Queens of the Stone Age, does it?  No it doesn’t.  It was also a total cool story, bro.

What is the point of this post? Oh yes, Queens of the Stone Age, one of my favourite bands of all time.   I was introduced to them in late 2002 or early 2003 when the video for No One Knows was being played on Much Music for some reason, but like most others I’d only paid attention because of the involvement of Dave Grohl (people still think he’s in the band, to this day).  At the time I was into nothing much except the end of *NSYNC and whatever else was out at the time…I don’t even remember.  The Chili Peppers?  Avril Lavigne?  What?

That all changed when one night, I was shown the newly-released music video for QOTSA’s song Go With the Flow.   Upon my very first viewing, the skies parted and rays of light shone onto me, birds started chirping and flowers bloomed (this all happened in my bedroom btw) and I think there was a choir singing somewhere too, ionno.   I proceeded to re-watch the video over and over, attempted to learn the riffs on my purple electric guitar, started wearing red and black and became obsessed with QOTSA.

I know this is a super interesting story, but I feel the need to express this deep emotional gratitude as they were back in town this week, and I had not seen them in person for 8 years and that needed to be rectified immediately.   I saw them in concert twice in 2003, twice in November 2005 (including their small performance at the HMV on Queen Street West), and was at their Live @ Much in November of 2005.  They were here about four more times after that but for various reasons I failed to show up to their shows.

I was going to carry on about the members and the band itself and list my favourite songs but upon further internal review no1curr, you look up their stuff yourself, man!

I credit QOTSA with *opening my eyes* and allowing me to discover a ton of great music, but mostly I credit them with MAKING SEXY, SEXY FANTASTIC MUSIC THAT MAKES ME DO THE MOST AWKWARD DANCE MOVES ON THIS SIDE OF SOMEWHERE.

wHoA I got excited there!  You know that generic move people do at rock concerts, standing with their arms folded and moving their heads forward and back?  Yeah that’s me, except add a really interesting heel-tap on the floor and attempts at moving hips (but generally failing miserably at that part).

My point is, everyone should have a favourite band that makes them feel passionate enough that they scour the internet for every little tidbit they can find on each member, order overpriced merch online and get a super unique handwritten tattoo somewhere under their arm.

Pictured above: Troy and Josh from QOTSA at the 102.1 studios by Sugar Beach, September 9 - 2013.

On Monday afternoon I was poking around online and saw that QOTSA would be at the Edge, which could only mean there would be a small crowd and the potential to meet members again (I’d met Josh twice in 2005, as well as Joey, Alain, and Troy).  Josh didn’t stick around after the interview that long, but a few people got pictures and things signed however - you had to be horrendously pushy and of course the girl with the flower headband (see Osheaga post below) was up there first thing.

It’s all good though!  Said with an extremely over-exaggerated smile and crazy-eyes!

Their concert at the ACC on Tuesday night was fantastic yet again, I almost had an attack of some sort when they played Better Living Through Chemistry from the album Rated R.   Kindly see the below link for the full setlist that you would not have enjoyed if you were sitting at home watching Pretty Little Liars.  Oh right, you weren’t!  Because it ended last week!


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