Stop holding it like that!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

This is the first entry in an enthralling series of upcoming posts, where I feature a product being held in a stupid and unnatural way.

I realise that actors hold products in commercials at a specific angle which allows the viewer to see the product name clearly, but I feel like all it does is aggravate me!  I don’t want to be aggravated!

Today’s example is from a 2013 Excel gum commercial, featuring a male hand and a blue package of Excel gum:

Stop holding it like that!

Who holds a package of gum in such a way that it could topple over at any moment and fall on the floor?  Nobody, that’s who!  Not only that, but several seconds later he pushed the inner packaging out with his thumb and only his thumb - while the other hand was completely uninvolved.

Next time: analyzing the way someone holds a Nature Valley bar.

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