A great joy in the form of shoes

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Many years ago in early 2013, Lauren Conrad posted a heavily filtered picture on Instagram (here) of the greatest shoes I have ever seen.  I proceeded to like the picture and write a comment underneath, tagging my friend and eventually closing the Instagram app and making dinner.

The shoes were Alexander McQueen, and they had bees on them.  They were Alexander McQueen bee flats.  They were shoes.  They were flat shoes.  With bees.  Embroidered bees on flat shoes.   How many stores sell shoes with embroidered bees on flat shoes?  None.  Or if they do, I don't know about it.  Which is really quite possible.  I do know however, that Alexander McQueen sold them.  And that they retailed for approximately $800 CAD before tax.  Which is ridiculous.  BUT, they are made of velvet with a gold bee embroidery and grosgrain ribbon piping with a full leather interior and sole.  Ok?  Holt Renfrew had them once, and I stared longingly at them and then cried and banged my fists on the display table and was escorted out of the store (none of this happened).

What is the point of all this, you may ask?  Or you may not, because nobody reads this blog?  Well the point is, that if you fast forward to the end of 2013 I was doing an extremely intense internet search on the couch one night (Google champion) when I came across the only website that had these shoes still, and that weren't sold out.  Also, they were on sale for only $400. ONLY!  And the store was in Quebec, so the shoes were now French!  I may has well have bought them in Paris!  $800 shoes from Paris, what a steal!  The discovery was made on a Friday, and I hummed and hawed all weekend (should I, shouldn't I, oh hi).  On Monday morning, I looked on the website again (www.ssense.com - pronounced 'essence', not 'ssssense' like I original thought, a durr) and THE SHOES WERE 70% OFF.

I got the $800 shoes for $270 after tax.  Then I got a 10% discount because there was a "scratch" on the bottom.  What a nice, honest store.

What an enthralling story!!

I will now shares pictures of the shoes, from at least one angle, for your viewing enjoyment:

Yes there is dust on them...carpet dust.  To add individuality.


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