My Thoughts on the Polar Vortex

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh I'm sorry, I can't write any because my keyboard is actually a slab of ice I found outside while foraging for sustenance.  I thought I was a wannabe-blogger for a second, but I'm actually just a frozen tree.

In fact a man sat by me once, and told me he'd heard of a time called 'spring'.  Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if he was referring to a time where you can go outside without screaming, or the contents of his mattress.

Before I was a frozen tree, I think I was a human...but those times are gone, forgotten with the winds of change on a fine summer's evening that seems to have never really existed....


#tbt - 2005 before my trunk was encapsulated with a 3-inch thick layer of pure ice.  My hair looks the same.

Sometimes when the temperature raises above -22 prior to windchill, I pull out my journal and write poems on what I think summer is/what I imagine it's like if it exists.

Here's one I wrote a couple years ago, don't judge me ok.  It is a Haiku I have entitled "   ".

Summer are you there?
Were you real?  What even is?
I want to punch you.

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