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Monday, April 28, 2014

Do you ever feel like just running off to another country (or five) and becoming a free spirit with long, messy (but cool-messy) hair?  Possibly with beads in it.  Lately I've been having strong urges of needing to sit by various frothy oceans (perched on a small cliff or hill) and writing poetry in a leather-bound book about really important things.  I don't know how to write poetry though.  Maybe a journal?  Sitting by the sea and writing in a journal would make one look really interesting and like somebody that someone else should take a picture of from a distance.  That picture taken by a stranger would then be blown up and showcased at their next art show.  They would entitle the picture 'Mysterious Figure by the Sea' or something along those lines.

In reality, I would be sitting there writing a novella called 'Musings by the Ocean of my Heart'.  I'm not sure what the musings would be, maybe I could analyze wave formations or talk about what a tortured soul I am...but that sounds like another vampire novel.

Anyway the novella would appeal to anyone near any ocean, because I didn't specify which ocean it is, in the book title.

If running away to a frothy oceanside destination is not available to you, then other options include writing a blog post that makes you sound slightly odd (see disclaimer above), writing in a leather-bound book while waiting for your bus at Warden Subway Station, writing a song about it and uploading it to YouTube and then leaving multiple comments on other people's videos saying "great video please check out my video" OR you could simply not wish to run away to a faraway place and shut up and do your work!

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