An Ode to Years & Years

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I haven't updated this blog in months, because I have a very busy and enriched life - full of things that take up quite a bit of time and make me seem very important and worldly.  Trust me, I'm constantly doing stuff that is really awe-inspiring and not at all a waste of time like some OTHER people.  OTHER people might go home and spend 45 minutes staring at their phone, then eat chips for dinner, then spend another 1.5 hours on the same phone scrolling through Instagram, then turn on their laptop and spend another hour on various social media websites, then eat ice cream for dessert, then watch TV until 2am.  But NOT me.  I don't do ANYthing like that, EVER. Cough.

Anyway, a few months back I was shuffling around on YouTube like people do when they're eating chocolate chips for dinner, and I glanced over to that side thinger that suggests Demi Lovato videos to me sometimes, and I scream because I do not like Demi Lovato videos.  I think that happens because once I watched a few Miley Cyrus videos, and now YouTube thinks it knows what I like in my life.

On this one particular day, the big YT suggested this song called 'Take Shelter' by some band called Years & Years.  It was one of the 10+ tabs I had opened up with other videos, to see which ones would pass my rigorous and harsh viewing test.  If you pass this test, it means you are part of the Lisa Likes You Club. This is a not very-exclusive-club and you get a membership card and beanie if you join.

You don't actually get either of those.

What happened next, was that I downloaded the song and proceeded to listen to it on repeat for the next two days.  Then I was like "hmm oh well I see they have other songs, maybe I should check those out too." <---most exciting story you'll hear this week tbh

On September 14 they had  their first show ever in Canada, in Toronto at the Danforth Music Hall.  I really wanted to meet them, and WOW it smells like sausages in my office.  I don't even know what to make of this...on one hand it's kind of awesome, but on the other hand it's 4:15pm and who could possibly be cooking sausages in the kitchen of a bank building?  WHO

On the day of the concert I dragged my poor friend with me - let's call her Shmanielle, and we waited outside the venue for a couple hours (don't judge me, you....Judge Judy person), huddling in a small ray of sunshine as it was rather chilly outside I say - until the first band member showed up, Mikey.

He was super nice and chatted with us for a bit.  Shortly after that, Emre and Dylan showed up in another cab.  They were also so nice that I wanted to perish...I took selfies with them too.  WOW!  Dylan chatted with us as well, and I said "oh hey Dylan I was just on your Instagram ten minutes ago" because apparently I'm really good at saying things that aren't creepy and make for good conversation.....
I also shook Emre's hand rather formally, because when you meet musical artists that you're currently a fan of, you should act like you're at a business meeting and you could even follow-up the handshake with something like "I'll get back you on that, Bruce.  The numbers seem to add up and I should be able to get that report to you by Friday.  Let's do lunch next week."

Check these out - these guys just walked up to me and asked me for a photo?  I was like sure 'that's totally cool, let me look as blobby and tired as possible if u want'

Olly showed up and asked me to take a photo with him as well:

The Denim Siblings on their First Canadian Tour.  

The concert itself was DELIGHTFUL, I SAY!  They sounded amazing and Olly interacted with the audience quite a bit.  You may view the setlist here.

During the show's closing number 'King', I thought it would be a great idea to scribble a quick note on this Babybel label I had in my purse (don't ask) and fling it at Olly.  I wrote something completely stupid on it, like "From Lisa" with a sharpie and signed with my Twitter handle, and then when Olly came over I hollered at him loudly and he took it from me.  I was filled with glee until the next day when I gave it a second-thought and was rather embarrassed tbh.  I mean, I basically handed him a piece of garbage with the worst note ever written on it in sweaty-Sharpie.  If they come back to Toronto I'm really going to have to step up my game in the gift department.

The moral of this boring story is download Communion on iTunes

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  1. Whoa new post! I've been checking this site everyday! Is that creepy? Am I telling the truth? I don't know. I also love meeting famous people! Well sorta famous people. Glad you got to meet them and was able to give Olly a babybel...label...but hey the thought counts.


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