Crashdown Waitress Costumes for Halloween

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I meant to write about this back in October.  Assuming anyone was interested at all then, now it's January and I'm treading on the thin ice on the Frozen Lake of Caring!
*edit* now it's June and clearly I'm a flop blogger.  Who has time to blog all the time?  Oh, almost everyone you say?  Well good for them!  I mean I totally do too, but I just constantly forget to come on here and write and since nobody reads my blog it's not like the demand is high.
*the one person who reads my blog now weeps*

I have a friend (just one friend, only one) - let's call her Ohbray.  Since we both can't let go of the 90s, that means we still love the show Roswell (RIP, gone too soon, Netflix revival please, etc).  For previous Halloweens we had wanted to wear costumes inspired by the show...specifically, the waitress costumes Liz & Maria wore while working at the Crashdown Cafe.  We both fancy ourselves as something of 'waitresses' and thought these costumes were fitting.  I mean Ohbray likes to serve squirrels tiny peanuts and then dance and sing with them, and I like to serve sweet dance moves in the clubs.

Who are Liz & Maria you ask?  None of your business!
By business I mean hey, hey, IMDB ok
Hey hey hey

IMDB: A Haiku by IMDme
What is this website?
So many celebrities
But alas, not me

(I'm not a celebrity)

The purpose of this post is that by publishing it, hopefully it will show up on a Google search three years from now and if another duo of girls is also trying to figure out how to make their own Crashdown costumes - then maybe, just maybe, they'll find this useful.

Here's the secret - don't make your own! lol!  Pay someone else to do it!!

I did contact a girl who previously had these made (via and she was very helpful.  What we wound up doing, was the following:

  • purchased the McCalls pattern #m5847 (the shirtdress).  I had to buy this off someone on Etsy of all places, since it's no longer in production.  I guess nobody cares for shirtdresses anymore.  I think that's rude and unfair.  Shirtdresses are the combination of two things that are awesome.  Dresses are awesome because they are not pants.  Shirts are awesome because they can have pineapple prints on them.
In progress. 
  • purchased the blue fabric (Kona cotton in Aqua) from an online Canadian fabric store.  If you don't know how much to get, just do what I did and google 'how many yards for a dress' or something like that.  I'm so helpful!
  • Ohbray located the silvery grey fabric from another fabric store (ours wasn't that stiff, but stiff enough - plus we got this fuzzy stuff from another fabric store to put inside, and that made it quite stiff.  No idea what this fuzzy stuff was called, but your local fabric person should know).
Finished product.  SO COOL I MEAN WHAT
  • The black fabric for the alien eyes was just a random cotton fabric, I think.  I don't think it's that important.  The woman who made our costumes drew the alien heads herself; we didn't use a template.  Templates are the restrictions of life - don't let templates hold you back from your dreams.
  • Purchased some small, clear buttons from another fabric store.  
  • Purchased some alien-antennae headbands from Party City, and just covered them in sticky, glittery scrapbook paper (the thicker kind with the peel-off back).  
Check out my bobbly wobblys 
  • We made the crowns out of the same paper, and had some trouble with these.  It's hard to get them the right shape AND make them big enough to fit on your head.  I suggest looking at what it says in the Crashdown link above, as ours were a bit of a flop (they did the job though).
  • Hired someone to make the costumes for us.  She was amazing and did a fantastic job.  A+ would recommend again.

There you have it, the least helpful and worst instructions possible!  

Note the ruffly socks - I feel like they were something Maria would wear.  Helped me get into character, ok.

Maria 'n Liz

Closeup of my armpit area, for fun

We had some social media success, as Shiri Appleby and Brendan Fehr both tweeted us.  We also got a Twitter like from Majandra Delfino.  It was a great Twitter day for us, one we will not soon forget.  We've already gotten commemorative tattoos on our foreheads - mine says "Won Twitter 31/10/15" and Ohbray's says "Lisa Forgot to Tag Me In Her Tweet to Shiri".   I'M SORRY OHBRAY.

One person's Twitter success is another person's egg salad sandwich.



  1. I loved this are hilarious!! Both of you look so cute!! Very cool those guys tweeted you. Amazing

  2. wow these are great! any chance i could buy one off of you?

  3. please get back to me if either one of you are close to a size small and are willing to sell. i understand if not! thank you

  4. Love the costume I need to find some fabric so I can make myself a costume!! I say it every year but never do!


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