Newsflash: I Made a Spotify Playlist of My All-Time Favourite Songs

Friday, July 14, 2017

I know many people were waiting for this moment, and I'm pleased to announce it has finally arrived.

Lisa, aka me, has made a Spotify Playlist of my all-time favourite songs.  I know, try not to get too worked up.  Take a few breaths and relax.

Listening to this playlist will probably refill your bank account, thaw the chicken in your freezer faster than overnight and possibly approve your vacation request for next August.  The power of this playlist is undeniable and strong.  What you choose to do with this playlist is up to you, but remember that its power can be unleashed at any moment and it is important that you listen responsibly and keep your emotions contained.

Here it is:
Lisa's Favourite Songs of All-Time

Disclaimer: this list does not feature any 'pop' songs for the most part, because that would require another list, plus I really wanted to seem cool with the selections in the list above.  I'm really shallow and all about image and never showing my true colours, hence why I've chosen to omit my favourite 'nsync song "I'll Never Stop".   I mean I could have thrown some Sonique in there and maybe some classic 90s dance but WHO THE HELL CARES WHAT LISA LISTENS TO.

Whoa.  Bye!

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