Moment of Sheer Stupidity

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Do you ever find yourself having a moment where your brain - such a complex unit shoved inside your head - just doesn't bother working for you in a timely and logical fashion?

I brought my lunch to work in one of those fold-able Longchamp bags; they fold up super small 'n cute 'n small enough to eat (I ate four of them already).  When I got to work I removed the contents and put them in my desk drawer, then folded up the bag and set it aside.

Several minutes later I wanted my Babybel cheese and I looked towards the lunch bag and saw that it was folded up really small 'n cute, and that's when all hell broke loose in my brain - the first thought that went through it was, "how did I manage to fold this bag up so small with my lunch inside?"  and then "did I already eat all my lunch?"  <---fool! opposed to "oh right, I folded up this bag because not FIVE minutes ago I placed the contents in my desk and that's where they remain because they are not sentient beings and they didn't take off to go use the printer to print a 46 page recipe or leave pee on the toilet seat in the washroom down the hall or chew really loudly in the lunch room."

Anyway, after this happened I was really disappointed in myself and frankly, my brain.
I couldn't enjoy my Babybel because I was puzzled as to how stupid I had been just moments before (also, the Babybel was kind of warm and when Babybels are warm they are super creepy).

If anyone has any tips on how to get over such a traumatizing experience, please leave a comment below.  Usually I get so many comments that I have to turn them off simply to allow myself to get through them all, so please keep that in mind.

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